What is behind Freeezy? How we become the idea to look for high quality machines?


The challenge – where are a good quality for a reasonable price?

We are since more than 15 years restaurateur and we have used many ice machines during this time.

Sometime they all came to their limits.

At least when they were used in a food trucks at 40 ° C outside temperature, it was hardly possible to make usable ice, because most machines just do not cool well enough. Many did not last more than a few months. All in one a frustrating thing.

The logical step: We started looking for good machinery with the appropriate accomplishment and we found producer who produce high quality and durable ice machines with appropriate performance and quality. And the best: They look very appealing and they convince with a great price-performance ratio.


Freeezy have the solution

The next logical step: We import the ice machines, so that you can also benefit from them. For you this means: High-quality machines that work long and reliably at a reasonable price. And should you find anywhere a cheaper machine from our assortment, than you get the machine for the same price from us.

What sets us apart from other dealers is the passion.  We love ice cream and everything that has to do with it. But we especially love high- quality products that you can work with professionally and long term. If you have the same opinion, then you are right at Freeezy.